Elderflower Champagne

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Thursday May 21st, 2020

15 sprigs of fresh elderflower 2L boiled water 6L water 1kg sugar 3 lemons, peel sliced off in strips
Rosemary Preservation

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Friday July 12th, 2019

I harvested a lot of Rosemary. I wanted to use them as much as possible. But it is also, trouble some to remove fine leaves each time of cooking. So I tried canning it with olive oil.In this video, it seems that I cut small amount of rosemary but actually I did it many times and huge amount of Rosemary fit in the glass jar.

Elderflower champagne

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Sunday May 6th, 2018

We are making the elderflower champane, it will be ready in one week. Ingredients elderflower heads 10heads suger 800g lemon 4 hot water2L(for dissolve sugar)+water 3L vinegar 2tbl
Making miso at home

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Wednesday December 20th, 2017

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Tuesday November 14th, 2017

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Thursday May 4th, 2017

straberryjam2 straberryjam2-2 strawberryjam2 Label for strawberry jam, using the commercial label which you can print out at home.

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Friday April 28th, 2017

applecidervinegar applecidervinegar_tr applecidervinegar
Here is the apple cider vinegar’s label for trial.

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Thursday April 27th, 2017

strawberryjamlabel straberryjamlabel

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Wednesday April 26th, 2017

2017420Misoworkshop Photo by Kaori Emori We’ve took place Miso Workshop we already hold in Denmark last winter in Japan. Starting from explanation of Miso, then making Miso. After making miso we tasted Miso and tamari-soysauce which we prepared year before last. Participant brought back their own Miso, will watch the process of fermentation. We are looking forward to taste them.

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Friday October 21st, 2016

ライ麦パンといっても25%くらいで。 フォルサワーを使っているので香りがいいはず。そのため副材料などは入れずに粉だけで作ってみました。 _igp1759

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Thursday March 3rd, 2016

_IGP0078 Today is Hinamaturi. Hinamaturi is the Girls’ Festival on March 3, and we wish girls happiness in this day. And there is some special food to eat. I made the one of them, Chirashi-Sushi! Chirashi-Sushi (vegetarian,vegan OK.) ●ingredients rice (prepared for sushi) freeze-dried Tofu and carrot(cooked with mirin(sweetening and soya sauce) ●topping white radish(pickle in vinegar) avocato pomegranate

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Sunday February 28th, 2016

_IGP0074 I learned brown smoothy from Jagadive, and take every morning. brown rice steamed 2 big spoon almond 6 seeds flax seeds 1/2 big spoon sunflower seeds 2 big spoon sesame grind 1/2 big spoon soma milk 300cc (apple 1/2) *all seeds are better soaked into water before making smoothy. It is good for digestion and enzyme. I wish I will become strong like Jagadive.