portrait photo shooting in Berlin


Sunday May 6th, 2018

Multi Cam

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Monday January 1st, 2018

Berlin Green

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Sunday August 20th, 2017

5階建(といっても天井がすごく高いので日本の6階建くらいある)のアパートよりも高い並木が生えている。なにも特別な光景ではない。ベルリンではどこでも目にするような光景だ。もちろんそのせいで日差しが少なくなるだろうし、枝を切るときは大変だ。 それでも、なんとかそれを良しとしている。そして僕はこの光景が好きだ。 _1070624 _IGP2093 _IGP2089 一番高い木は10階位まで届いてそうだ。
3AM Berlin – Spring Sprouts – 3.12.2017

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Sunday March 26th, 2017

_1050227 _1050247 _1050243 _1050242 _1050233 _1050236 _1050231
evening light in Hackescher Markt

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Saturday July 9th, 2011

berlin_lightinHM2.jpg I could hardly see anything. 続きを読む
Working at the cafe

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Friday July 8th, 2011

berlin_cafeandwork.jpg Sometimes it’s nice to do some work at cafe for refreshing. Sankt Oberholz It’s a big cafe at the corner of Rosenthaler Platz. There is the Wi-fi connection, so everybody bring their laptop. There are many tourist and student, also. Today there is a vegan cake, lucky! たまにはカフェで仕事をするのもリフレッシュできてよいな。 Rosenthaler Platzの角にある大きなカフェ。 ここではみんなノートPCを持ってきている。 旅行者や学生も多い。 今日はビーガンのケーキがあり、ラッキー。
You are there. I am here.

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Wednesday July 6th, 2011

berlin_olympicsstudium-2.jpg Hello, Hello, can you hear me? Are your skies clear and sunny down there? Even in this rain the breath of the breeze is reaching me here. [from Eureka Jim O’Rourke]

ハロー、ハロー、私の声が聞こえてますか? そこでは、空は晴れてもお天気は下り坂なの? こんな雨でさえ、微かな息が私に届いているよ
cycle days

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Saturday July 2nd, 2011

berlin_road.jpg I cycle a lot here. It reminds me the days of Tokyo. Sometimes I stop my bicycle and have a look a cafe. Last time I cycled from Neukölln to Wedding. It’s about 10km. But few up and down, almost all the way is flat, so easy to go, but I sweated a lot.
Berlin Green

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Thursday June 30th, 2011

I don’t know any other big cities rather than Berlin which has so much green in the city center. Most of the greens are in the park, or sometimes in the abandoned land. the Contrast of the peaceful green and the graffiti is still something new to me. This is a fourth time of Berlin to me, and it was special once again.
Thanks Naoko, thanks Yuki.
None of us never knows about future. I hope we will meet soon again. _IGP8396.jpg
KIDS YOGA at The World Culture Festival in Berlin 2011

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Monday June 27th, 2011

I will have a KIDS YOGA lesson at The World Culture Festival in Berlin 2011 this Saturday and Sunday. Please give me a comment if you are interested. http://www.worldculturefestival.org/
Berlin ordinary scene 2

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Saturday June 18th, 2011

_IGP8224.jpg Now I am back from Europe,
Whole rich city

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Wednesday June 15th, 2011

Joy in the city. Everybody is free here. Kids are naked, Dogs are swimming so are people. Here sun sets after 9 pm now. _IGP8379.jpg _IGP8380.jpg