bamboo picker
bamboocraft2.jpg bamboocraft.jpg I made bamboo pickers with bamboo that came from my friend “Jiji”‘s house in Chiba. He moved to old Japanese house last year. The doors were not fit to the flame and the bathroom was open widely to the wild back yard. So there were many insect in the house naturally. But there was a roof and wall that enough to makes me feel relax. There were some inconvenient things. For example, I had to use torch to go toilet at night and I had some mosquito bites when I was washing my body, but at the same time there were some good things too. I could see the greens of the tree on the surface of the hot water when I took a bath in the morning and I could cook the vegetable he made, wow, that was beautiful things. I think about making bamboo craft next time when I go to Jiji’s house again!! 千葉にあるジジの家から持ってきた竹で、竹楊枝を作った。 彼は去年古い日本家屋に引っ越しをした。ドアはフレームにぴったりではないし、お風呂場はワイルドな裏庭に大きく開けている。それで、沢山の虫が家の中に自然と入ってしまう。 でも屋根と壁があれば十分リラックスできるものだ。 結構不便なことはあって、例えば、夜トイレに行くのに懐中電灯が必要だったり、体を洗っていると 蚊に刺されるし、でも、同時に良いこともある。 朝お風呂に入ると、お湯の表面に木々のグリーンが映る。自家製の野菜で料理もできたし。 それらはとても美しいことだった。 次にジジの家に行くときは是非竹細工をしよう。