I’m ready to eat and I’m ready to read

Category : Zürich by kojima


zurich_fruitsmusuli.jpg Since long time I haven’t like banana , only I ate when I was sick. I recovered from my sickness. This morning I ate banana for cerebrate my recovery and I appreciate to eat it. I say thank you for banana. zurich_friendsletter.jpg I’ve got a letter form friends. But I couldn’t open it,somehow. Maybe I thought I was not deserve to read it. it’s too nice for me. But I will open it NOW. バナナはずっと嫌いだった。だけど今朝復帰祝いにバナナを食べた。バナナを食べる事に感謝。 ありがとうバナナ。 日本のお友達から手紙を受け取った。でもなんだか開けなかった。 たぶん、自分は読むに値しないと思ったからかな。だって良過ぎるんだ。 でも今開くよ。