Berlin Green

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I visited a beach with full of beautiful stones. And I took some stones and tried to recompose.



observing soil

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I used to buy gardening soil. I could use it, sometimes gardening went well. Sometimes failed because of sickness or bugs.
I thought this is quite regular way of gardening.

But this time, I took a bag of leaf mold from the park. And I put it in the container, and put more leaves, used tealeaves and coffee. And mixed it.
A month later, I started to use it for gardening. And I realized, this is very different from the soil from the stores.
My plants are happier, no sickness. I don’t need extra fertilizer.
2 months later, I opened my container of soil, and surprised founding so many life, thousand of earthworms and tiny tiny worms, and mushrooms, hyphae. I found this soil is alive. This is why all my plants are healthy now.
The negative thing is, I don’t know how much lives have been lost by being used for gardening.

Adopting a rescued dog

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In December we adopted a rescued dog. We call him Sati and living together. We take a walk After Yoga Asana in the morning for an hour. I had dreamed of this, but it was difficult to take a step for a long time…

_1070154 IMG_20170430_140238

He can ride the bike.






When he was rescued at Tama Animal center, Tokyo. At that time he was considered as 3-4 years old. Diagnosed as malnutrition by blood test.

photo of cookie

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photo of bagle

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painting bord

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video shooting for tennis lesson

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Strawberry Jam label

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Label for strawberry jam, using the commercial label which you can print out at home.