observing soil

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I used to buy gardening soil. I could use it, sometimes gardening went well. Sometimes failed because of sickness or bugs.
I thought this is quite regular way of gardening.

But this time, I took a bag of leaf mold from the park. And I put it in the container, and put more leaves, used tealeaves and coffee. And mixed it.
A month later, I started to use it for gardening. And I realized, this is very different from the soil from the stores.
My plants are happier, no sickness. I don’t need extra fertilizer.
2 months later, I opened my container of soil, and surprised founding so many life, thousand of earthworms and tiny tiny worms, and mushrooms, hyphae. I found this soil is alive. This is why all my plants are healthy now.
The negative thing is, I don’t know how much lives have been lost by being used for gardening.


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tea leaf picking : 茶摘み体験そして煎茶作り

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pick new tea leaf and make our own tea!

planting rice seedling : 千葉

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A souvenir from a Rice farm helping out. We go helping there every year.
Hand planting is time consuming, but I thought it’s necessary to experience for everyone.
Soil, water, sunlight and wind all together make seedling grow. And while planting, our feet are sticking to the mud as if we become plants.
It also helps to figure out, how much land do we need to get enough rice each year just for ourself.
Surprisingly, it’s just a small land.

bird bird bird : 鳥ちゃん

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I added external perch to the bird house.
Hoping cute tenant appears soon.
And then, they have come!! wow wow, I hope they will like this room.