We are fabrica.

Welcome to fabrica studio, located in Saitama, Japan and serving clients in Saitama and Tokyo, Swiss, Germany, right now.

We are Web designer
We are graphic designer
We are videographer
We are photographer

fabrica studio services include,
but are not limited to

website design and development,consulting,SEO/corporate video, documentary film production, specialty video projects /photography/graphic design,logo and branding design,print design,brochures,banner,illustration/social media

WEB Design + Video + Photo =Get Result!!

Not only photo,more and more video content is being generated every day, and modern internet users often tend to prefer videos and images over plain text. As such, incorporating a video background in your web design can actually go a long way to bringing your design to life.
We will make best effort to your buisiness on the field of design using web, video and photo. 

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Make Stunning Promotional video!
commercial video, live, concert, event , lesson, interview, training and documentary, etc..
We provide you hight quality video production services.


Shop Promotion

When you open your new shop, what do you need for promoting and advertise your shop?
Logo,bussiness card,brochures,ad-bord, web site, etc... We will provide what you need!
And we are also specialized in E-commerce. Please contact us.

fabrica studio
phone. +81-070-6510-9432